Top Beauty Technology To Help You Look Better

If you belong to the category of individuals who do not look radiant even when just out of bed, do not be disheartened because technology is here to help you at

  1. Facial cleansing tool: The sonic washcloth is no ordinary cloth but one which sends 10,000 micropulses into the skin to dislodge all the dirt, grime, and makeup and spare you painful scrubbing leaving the skin clean and soft.
  2. Beauty apps: There are scores of beauty apps specifically for each beauty need consisting of tutorials and advice from experts in the field. Just download the app and discover what suits you best.
  3. Eye massager: Even stubborn dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags can be handled with technology. There are eye massage devices which reproduce the finger tapping eye massage technique of the human hand to rejuvenate tired eyes.
  4. Smart toothbrush: A beautiful smile is marred by yellowed tooth. If you want gleaming white teeth there are simpler things than visiting your dentist. The smart toothbrushes are programmed to detect your brushing habits and send the report to your smartphone so you can be sure that you are brushing the right way.
  5. Beauty brush: Not everyone is able to get the flawless finish with their makeup. It is for such people that there is a motorized Blend smart 2, with a rotating brush which spins at 190rpm to blend the foundation evenly into the skin. The brush head is soft on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin also.
  6. Magnetic eyelashes: The world is obsessed with thick eyelashes but applying the false eyelashes is no child’s play and requires loads of experience. But there is a new technology wherein almost invisible magnets are placed on the lash line making it really simple to attach these lashes to the natural lash line.
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