How To Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories in 2019

Posting stories and photos on Instagram is something that everyone can do. But when it comes to social media it is all about boosting viewer engagement. This is what makes you popular. When you get more likes and shares your reach increases and this boosts your popularity. Popularity on Instagram and other similar social media sites has its own perks. So with the ever increasing number of users on Instagram, here are some ways in which you can get more views on your Instagram stories and upgrade your user engagement strategy.

Ensure the best quality of content

The quality of content you post matters a whole lot more than the quantity. Even if you post just a few stories or a few photos make each of them count. Look chic and flaunt an accessory from popular collections like the ones on this page when you post a selfie. This makes you look like a celebrity. Focus on a theme for your profile and try and stick with it in your stories and photos.


User-generated content is one thing you can use when you are already popular and wish to increase your fan base. This strengthens the engagement and also shows your audience that you care about their feedback. It shows them that their opinion counts and this builds a rapport of trust.

Tell a story

Though they are called ‘stories’ most people simply use them as updates. But you can actually use the feature to tell a story. Use multiple slides and curate a story that talks to the audience in the form of text and images.

Catchy is the word

Something that conveys the information crisp and clear without any ambiguities is what becomes popular. Add attention-grabbing content on your stories too actually make users stop and have a look at your stories.

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