Here’s How to Beat the Best Drug Testing Technology

The technology that is being used to test for drugs is becoming sophisticated with each passing day and it is becoming harder to get clean results. Now, recently there is a new technology that relies on analyzing the sweat from a fingerprint to determine if you are taking any illicit drugs. Despite the best technology used to detect for drugs, if you clear your gut you can be sure to pass the drug test. There are several detox drinks recommended on OuchClub that will ensure that your system is free of all traces of drugs.

How to beat drug tests

It is easy to beat drug test based on a urine sample by just drinking a lot of water or drinking any of the detox drinks that flush out all the toxins from your system. Add to this adequate rest, healthy diet and exercise and you can ace any drug test. There are other ways too like resorting to fake pee which is so close to the original that standard tests fail to detect the difference.

Passing the hair follicle test is not that simple but it is possible if the correct combination of shampoo, salicylic acid, and vinegar are used regularly for a period of time. Your hair might not be a pretty sight but your chances of clearing the test are high. Currently, the best drug testing technology is the intelligent fingerprinting wherein the sweat in the fingerprint is analyzed to detect the presence of amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and cannabis. Now, beating is the challenge as it is not so simple to play with the samples or alter it. But it is possible to present fake fingerprints. Make an impression of the fingers that will be used for fingerprinting in clay or wax and freeze it. On the other hand, in boiled water add gelatin and allow it to form a thick jelly. Once it has cooled completely it must be microwaved and poured into the wax mold. Freeze it and later just peel the fake fingerprints and you are ready to beat the test.

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