The Best Tech That Will Boost Belly Fat Loss in 2019

Reducing the belly fat becomes the major problem or the focus of most of our lives.  The belly fat gets stored around the waist and causes negative impacts on health.  It could lead to various disorders like an increase in blood pressure, increased sugar levels, high cholesterol, etc.  In some cases, it may lead to multiple heart diseases too.  Hence it is essential for the individual to reduce the belly fat.  To cut, one needs to concentrate on the calories intake and the number of calories burnt on each day.  One needs to track the various health aspects regularly, and this can be made possible using hi-tech gadgets.

Here are the best techs that will boost the belly fat loss more effectively;

•    The 24/7 motion sensor gadgets help to track the record of every activity of an individual.  It records the way of walking as well as the number of steps one move around either in the office or in the evening time.  It gathers the required information and assesses the performance.  It also guides how much is required for the day too.

•    In the present era, counting the calories becomes more comfortable with modern trackers.  It helps to track not only the calories burnt for the day but also monitor the heart rate.

•    Availability of many fitness trackers will help to control the day-wise, month-wise food consumption and make a diary of it.  It is necessary for any obese people to track the intake and these fitness apps are the best one for them.

•    Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is one of the smart scales which can monitor the exact body weight and the fat content in the body.  Fitbit is one of the world leaders of hi-tech health gadgets.  In addition to the services, it also helps to calculate the body mass index.

•    Weight loss trackers are becoming popular worldwide, and people with obesity are gaining advantages with these trackers.  Instead of getting into surgery, one can make use of this tracker to lose weight gradually.  However, many specialized treatments for obese people are available worldwide and to know more about it log on to…

How AI And Robotics Are Transforming Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and robotics have transformed the human lives to a greater extent and the role of AI in transforming the healthcare, is unimaginable and it is extraordinary.  AI is making human life more sophisticated in an efficient manner and as fast as possible relatively with a lower cost better than human performance.

ApexHealthandCare offers a wide range of health care facilities in order to improve the various health conditions of people.  Here are the ways how AI and robotics helps to transform the healthcare sector;

  • Early detection of various diseases through AI is possible in the present scenario.  In cancer, AI helps to diagnose the disease at the early stages itself, which is one of the added advantages of using AI in diagnostics.
  • Many advance health care service providers help to store and access medical information across the world and thus aids in effective treatment.  Providing adequate health information and easy access to patient’s records within a fraction of second helps the doctor’s to provide advanced treatment if necessary.
  • One of the greatest advantages of AI is the potential benefits offered to people in order to stay healthy and fit.  Many technological applications and fitness apps help people to track their health records more effectively and thus assisting the people in a promising way.
  • AI improves the decision-making process in the clinical diagnosis of various diseases and disorders.  Pattern recognition and identifying the risk factors of the diseases among the people is another part where AI is gaining its hold in recent years.
  • Robots are revolutionizing the healthcare sector in which it reduces the chances of hospitalization, assisting the people who stay alone and provide adequate care.
  • AI makes the research process easier and in recent years. It aids in drug research and discovery in an efficient manner.  In the past, the cost incurred in various kinds of researches is relatively high and while using this AI and robotics the cost incurred is relatively lower than the traditional methods. 

Top Benefits Of Using Health Apps

Mobile technology offers the power to access anything from anywhere in a few seconds. Various health apps available have become the norm for health facilities, best diet plan, and fitness regime right at the tip of the fingers of the users. The excellent benefits that the health apps offer humankind are as follows.

•    The mobile health apps assist in setting realistic goals like dropping down to a specific weight within a specified period and motivate one to accomplish the same.

•    Of course, setting fitness goals should be done in the first place. However, it is pivotal to keep an eye on the daily results to check whether the user is heading in the right direction or not. The user can reset the goals if things don’t turn the right way.

•    Many health apps are synced with blogs and articles, which can provide the best workout ideas that help the users to achieve their defined targets.

•    Several health apps enable their users to have healthy interactions, form communities, compete and collaborate in reaching their goals. Visit for more ideas to get familiar with such pooling apps.

•    Diet plays a crucial role in preserving the health and fitness of people. In the fitness journey, one should be conscious enough about the nutritional value of the food consumed and the calories it brings in. Health apps efficiently calculate the users’ calorie intake, day and night and help them to adjust or rewrite the diet plan, if needed.

•    Many people don’t have time and a bulky wallet to hit the yoga studio. The hand-held device can bring the ambiance and peace to your home with the aid of sophisticated apps developed exclusively for yoga.

•    Some of the apps offer its users incentives and other rewards to make a positive and progressive lifestyle changes.…

How Technology Is Changing The Way Children Play in 2019

The role of technology is immense in the present scenario in almost every field.  The method of learning and teaching has changed considerably.  One can notice the development of learning new skills that too technologically is more than that of traditional methods.  The kids can access various tech gadgets more easily than adults because of their ability in learning the new skill rapidly.

Once upon a time, most of the children have time to play outside and have lots of fun with their neighborhood.  They even enjoy the entire day spending time by playing many indoor and outdoor games.  It was fun-filled as well as an opportunity to get to know each other well.

However, in the present trend, children become habituated to many tech gadgets and started to spend most of their time in playing online games or video games in the Gamestation, watching cartoon channels in the television, or watching the fun videos in the favorite online channels.  These activities become prominent among the present generation of children.

The advancement of technology can be seen everywhere and in each aspect and it becomes inevitable to live without these technological advances. Though the children spend most of the time in these tech gadgets, one can find alternatives like toys, indoor games like chess, Sudoku, and outdoor activities like cycling, cricket, etc. to enter into a realistic world. 

Most of the tech gadgets and online games will bring virtual experiences, but only indoor and outdoor activities can bring real hardcore experiences in life.  Teach the importance of these practical experiences and try to engage the children in any of the activities. 

All these technology advancements make the children become addicted to these tech gadgets and also pave a way to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.  Couching and huddling with tech gadgets will bring many health issues too earlier among the children including a problem in the eyesight.  Lack of physical activity is not a good sign, and it should be evaded from the life of children to a certain level.  Engage them in with toys and cycle, to explore the toy world click on

Apart from playing video games and watching videos, technological advances can be used for gaining knowledge and information.…

Here’s How Technology Can Give Seniors More Independence

The elderly might already have their own problems in form of deterioration of their health. So removing all forms of inconveniences at home can make the place suitable for the seniors. There are several ways in which technology can be used to create a safe haven for them without affecting their independence.

Smart home – a senior-friendly home

One of the biggest conveniences that most smart home devices offer is the ability to control them remotely. Triggering devices on or off as well as accessing the various controls can be as easy as using the TV remote control. All of this can be done without moving from a place. For ideas about the various types of smart home devices that could be used around the house, YourSmartHomeGuide is a resourceful website. This helps to find out ways to integrate smart ways for the elderly to make use of the facilities at home.

Health checks

Most of the elderly find wearable technology to be a boon. Long hospital visits for regular monitoring and hospitalization for the periodic recording of blood pressure and other parameters can be avoided. This is achieved with the help of wearable technology that allows doctors to take the required readings from the hospitals while the wearable tech integrated device is placed on the elderly to be monitored. So they can carry out their free and independent lifestyle without worry.


Staying connected with the loved ones being able to let them know about the whereabouts is also very easy with the modern day communication devices. The elderly who travel can share their location live so that their children would be assured of the parents’ safety. The elders can explore new places without the worry about getting lost or losing touch with their family at any point. …

How Smart Homes Help People with Disabilities in 2019

Smart home appliances are spoken for their role in helping the elderly and people with disabilities and they hold a prominent place in the tech-savvy world. is a website that is helpful for those looking to explore the potential of smart home systems. You would also be able to find information on how to use these smart home systems to create a home that is convenient for people with disabilities.

Let them know that they are secure

Smart home security systems come with biometric locks which make the home extra secure for people with disabilities. This makes them feel safe in their home.

Help them answer the door

 Answering the door with smart video doorbells avoids the hassle of any helper presence. Without reaching the peepholes, people can easily view the live streaming of the video from the door camera. This makes it possible to know the person at the door without physically going to the door. Also, opening the door through keyless entry makes the whole process even simpler.

Help is always at hand

Smart home tech can be made better when the wearable tech is integrated with it. There is fall detecting smart bands that can send out notifications to loved ones. These can also place an emergency call during such situations to call for help. Installing remote access security cameras also helps family members keep a watch on the family member with disability staying at home. So the person would never have to feel alone at home and there is the assurance that help is easy to access.

On the whole, to improve the safety of the ambiance and make it convenient for those with disabilities smart home technology can be put to good use. The revolutionary new devices have also made it possible to design such smart homes at an affordable price. …

DJ Equipment Guide: How to Build a Beginner DJ Setup in 2019

Doing anything for the first time, especially at a beginner level can be daunting. Moreover, it is highly likely that a person might give up over time, as the situation of setting up something new becomes exhausting. That is why you need a beginner’s guide on “how to” for almost all new tasks to ensure that you see the finish line.

One such daunting task is building a beginner DJ setup. Fortunately, here is a guide on DJ equipment selection to follow while creating a DJ setup this year.

Firstly, you need to decide whether to rent or buy the equipment. Both have its pros and cons.

•    Renting is a good option for beginners who are on a budget. Moreover, you do not have to be bothered about the maintenance of the equipment while renting. Besides, you get to try out several different brands of equipment when you start renting.

•    On the other hand, buying is good for those who are looking at a long-term commitment and would like to experiment and customize their music setup.

Secondly, you need to choose the equipment wisely.

•    Turntable Setup – This is the primary type suitable for learning purposes. For this, you will need two Turntables, two Cartridges, one Mixer, Slipmats, Headphones, Vinyl Records, a good quality RCA Cable for connecting the mixer to the audio output. Alternatively, if you are opting for a Turntable setup using software, then you will need a computer, an Interface Package, and the software such as the Traktor or Serato.

•    CD Setup – For this, you will need two CD Turntables, one DJ Mixer, a pair of Headphones, and MP3s/CDs. A CD setup offers more features and better control when compared to a Turntable setup. This kind is usually preferred in most DJ clubs and programs.

•    Controller Setup – Here, you will need a computer, a DJ Controller, and suitable software. A controller setup helps to control, customize, and manipulate music tactically.

•    All Computer Setup – Here all you need is a computer, software, and audio interface. This is the least expensive and compact option if you already have a computer. It is also portable but not very creative.

Thirdly, now that you have built your DJ setup, it is time to promote your music.

•    One of the best ways to do this is to contact a reputed online music Promotion Company such as gosoundcloud that promotes all kinds of music, artists, musicians, and bands in the most confident manner. …

How To Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories in 2019

Posting stories and photos on Instagram is something that everyone can do. But when it comes to social media it is all about boosting viewer engagement. This is what makes you popular. When you get more likes and shares your reach increases and this boosts your popularity. Popularity on Instagram and other similar social media sites has its own perks. So with the ever increasing number of users on Instagram, here are some ways in which you can get more views on your Instagram stories and upgrade your user engagement strategy.

Ensure the best quality of content

The quality of content you post matters a whole lot more than the quantity. Even if you post just a few stories or a few photos make each of them count. Look chic and flaunt an accessory from popular collections like the ones on this page when you post a selfie. This makes you look like a celebrity. Focus on a theme for your profile and try and stick with it in your stories and photos.


User-generated content is one thing you can use when you are already popular and wish to increase your fan base. This strengthens the engagement and also shows your audience that you care about their feedback. It shows them that their opinion counts and this builds a rapport of trust.

Tell a story

Though they are called ‘stories’ most people simply use them as updates. But you can actually use the feature to tell a story. Use multiple slides and curate a story that talks to the audience in the form of text and images.

Catchy is the word

Something that conveys the information crisp and clear without any ambiguities is what becomes popular. Add attention-grabbing content on your stories too actually make users stop and have a look at your stories. …

Here’s How to Beat the Best Drug Testing Technology

The technology that is being used to test for drugs is becoming sophisticated with each passing day and it is becoming harder to get clean results. Now, recently there is a new technology that relies on analyzing the sweat from a fingerprint to determine if you are taking any illicit drugs. Despite the best technology used to detect for drugs, if you clear your gut you can be sure to pass the drug test. There are several detox drinks recommended on OuchClub that will ensure that your system is free of all traces of drugs.

How to beat drug tests

It is easy to beat drug test based on a urine sample by just drinking a lot of water or drinking any of the detox drinks that flush out all the toxins from your system. Add to this adequate rest, healthy diet and exercise and you can ace any drug test. There are other ways too like resorting to fake pee which is so close to the original that standard tests fail to detect the difference.

Passing the hair follicle test is not that simple but it is possible if the correct combination of shampoo, salicylic acid, and vinegar are used regularly for a period of time. Your hair might not be a pretty sight but your chances of clearing the test are high. Currently, the best drug testing technology is the intelligent fingerprinting wherein the sweat in the fingerprint is analyzed to detect the presence of amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and cannabis. Now, beating is the challenge as it is not so simple to play with the samples or alter it. But it is possible to present fake fingerprints. Make an impression of the fingers that will be used for fingerprinting in clay or wax and freeze it. On the other hand, in boiled water add gelatin and allow it to form a thick jelly. Once it has cooled completely it must be microwaved and poured into the wax mold. Freeze it and later just peel the fake fingerprints and you are ready to beat the test. …

Top Beauty Technology To Help You Look Better

If you belong to the category of individuals who do not look radiant even when just out of bed, do not be disheartened because technology is here to help you at

  1. Facial cleansing tool: The sonic washcloth is no ordinary cloth but one which sends 10,000 micropulses into the skin to dislodge all the dirt, grime, and makeup and spare you painful scrubbing leaving the skin clean and soft.
  2. Beauty apps: There are scores of beauty apps specifically for each beauty need consisting of tutorials and advice from experts in the field. Just download the app and discover what suits you best.
  3. Eye massager: Even stubborn dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags can be handled with technology. There are eye massage devices which reproduce the finger tapping eye massage technique of the human hand to rejuvenate tired eyes.
  4. Smart toothbrush: A beautiful smile is marred by yellowed tooth. If you want gleaming white teeth there are simpler things than visiting your dentist. The smart toothbrushes are programmed to detect your brushing habits and send the report to your smartphone so you can be sure that you are brushing the right way.
  5. Beauty brush: Not everyone is able to get the flawless finish with their makeup. It is for such people that there is a motorized Blend smart 2, with a rotating brush which spins at 190rpm to blend the foundation evenly into the skin. The brush head is soft on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin also.
  6. Magnetic eyelashes: The world is obsessed with thick eyelashes but applying the false eyelashes is no child’s play and requires loads of experience. But there is a new technology wherein almost invisible magnets are placed on the lash line making it really simple to attach these lashes to the natural lash line.
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